Joining LACCE

The Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (LACCE) is the professional society of chamber executives and staff.  For more information on the Association, please CLICK HERE.

Members of LACCE receive the following benefits:

  • LABI Day at the Capitol – Raise the stature of your organization by participating in this opportunity to interact with state legislators in Baton Rouge and learn about key issues that can help or hurt your members.
  • LACCE Annual Conference – Premier event designed to show chamber executives and staff members new ways to solve management problems – nationally recognized speakers and the opportunity to share ideas and compare notes with peers are part of the value.
  • LACCE Website – The source of all information pertaining to the Association.
  • e-Newsletters – LACCE newsletters e-mailed to you and your staff every other month with tips and programs updates.
  • Peer Guidance – Regular chamber peer questions/answers via e-mail.
  • Wage & Benefit Survey – Participation in and results of the LACCE Wage & Benefits Survey.

Chambers of Commerce

Any Chamber of Commerce in the State of Louisiana may be a member of the association.  The membership fee is based on the chamber's budgeted annual dues amount.  The membership dues schedule is as follows:

Small Chamber - Membership dues of $75,000 or less$150.00                                                                                                 
Mid-Sized Chamber - Membership dues between $75,001 to $200,000            $275.00
Large Chamber - Membership dues over $200,000$575.00


To apply online, CLICK HERE.

For a printable Chamber Member application, please CLICK HERE.

Associate Members

Members of business and community organizations, or those persons directly interested in or allied with Chamber of Commerce work in Louisiana, can also join the association as Associate Members.

Associate Membership is $300.00 (one representative) + $30.00 per additional company representative.

To apply online, CLICK HERE.

For a printable Associate Member application, please CLICK HERE.